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Information and legal advice

Buying a Condo

Foreigners are allowed to own condo units legally - registered in their own name. The money for the property purchase has to be transferred from abroad into Thailand. You always need a legal bank confirmation form (Tor Tor 3) for this money transfer. The person/ persons selling the unit have to present the documents from the condo management, confirming that the maintenance fee for the traded unit is paid up to date. Of course our experienced staff always stands by your side to support you with all steps of the purchasing process - with the sellers, with the Thai banks, and with the local land office.

Buying purchasing contracts - units in condominium buildings under construction

The real Prime Units in new developments usually are sold out quickly - always with the legal right to resell the purchasing contract later on to an interested buyer. Therefore you can buy existing purchasing contracts - with the convenient installment plans. With this kind of contract purchasing you will take over all legal rights and duties of the owner immediately. So with PATTAYA FOREIGNER SERVICE you still can find real Prime (even Ocean Front Corner) Units in View Talay (project 3, 5, 6, 7, 8), the great T.W. Wong Amat Condominium, the La Royale Condominium, the Northshore Condominium, the Hyde Park Condominium, the Pattaya Heights Condominium, the Park Lane Condominium ("One Million Baht Condominium") and of course in the breathtaking Northpoint Condominium too - even officially all real Prime Units in the above mentioned condo buildings are definitely sold out for a long time already. Both offices of our PATTAYA FOREIGNER SERVICE are specialized in contract trading too - contact us

Transfer of Ownership

The transfer of every single property ownership has to be done with the local land office. By law, you do not need an attorney of law for this procedure. The buyer and seller have to sign the required documents in the land office. The buyer then pays to the seller the agreed purchasing amount for the current property -by check or cash- and the owners name in the current Chanod will be changed by the responsible officer of the land office immediately. The transfer of ownership usually can be done within few hours. The transfer of ownership (government fee) is only to be paid once. There are no other property taxes, or any additional government expenses to be paid later for your new purchased property (home or condo). Of course our experienced staff is ready to assist you with this procedure from A to Z.

Long term Rentals

Please find your high class rental with us too - but of course for long term contracts only. Condos, Villas, Businesses - for THB 25.000/month up and for rental periods of 6 month up. We bring the people and their new homes together - even on long term rental base too.

The Security Aspect -- Home Care Insurance

PATTAYA FOREIGNER SERVICE offices are the contracted partners of the reliable BT Insurance. Therefore we are always happy to offer you your individual home care insurance package. Fire - Strike - Burglary - Water Damages - no risks for you any more with your BT Insurance. Please call for more information about our BT Insurance our Khun Tuk.


Buying Land or House

All foreigners in Thailand are 100% not allowed to own land in their own name. There are no legal exceptions from this very strict rule in the Kingdom of Thailand. But all foreigners are able to be legal long term users of any property in Thailand. These contracted Long Term Usages can be registered legally within the Title Deeds. Therefore foreigners are able to act like the owner - without really being the legal owner. We have other legal constructions too, which are able to bring you into an equal position. Please call us for your individual consultation about the complicated legal situation. Of course we are prepared to inform you about all the different Thai legal solutions.

The Land Title or Deed (Chanod)

The Chanod is the legal title deed (land paper) in the Kingdom of Thailand, and this official document is used to proof the legal ownership, and all the third party rights of the property. The legal owner(s), the correct size of the property, and third party rights (leases and debts) are always documented on the back side of the Chanod of any single property in Thailand. Before any single purchase of a property, a lawyer or an experienced agent should check the Chanod for you 100% properly - to protect you yourself against any losses or frauds perfectly.

Construction and Renovation

We act together with our experienced contracted builder under European and Thai management. Therefore we are happy to be able to guarantee for always highest European standards, most tastefully interior design and best equipment, of course for very reasonable prices. Please contact us for any request regarding all your construction and renovation matters.

The Legal Aspect - represented by our experienced in house legal department

PATTAYA FOREIGNER SERVICE only work with our own in house law firm - ADVANCE LEGAL GROUP. The ADVANCE LEGAL GROUP is located in our Jomtien office building in Soi Chayapruck. The sophisticated ADVANCE LEGAL GROUP consists of its one experienced and very successful senior lawyer, together with his two young and promising two junior lawyers. THE ADVANCE LEGAL GROUP: Senior Legal Consultant - Attorney at Law and Notary Public - Khun Thanes Tavipamornkulwong Lawyer - Attorney at Law -  Khun Samrual Dokkam Lawyer - Attorney at Law - Khun Nattawoot Siangsanor All Civil Cases - All Criminal Cases - All Matters of Notary Public and Full Legal Service. In close cooperation between ADVANCE LEGAL GROUP and our European Managing Director of the PATTAYA FOREIGNER SERVICE (Mr. Pascal Zollinger) all our legal services are available in German language for you too - please contact the PATTAYA FOREIGNER SERVICE office of your choice for an appointment. We always intend to be real partners of our clients - therefore our fees are very reasonable. PATTAYA FOREIGNER SERVICE is one of the real very few Real Estate Brokers in Pattaya with its own in house law office - and the only Property Agency in town with its own in house Notary Public.This is far above all standards of the "Real Estate Broker Association - Eastern Seaboard".

PATTAYA FOREIGNER SERVICE - The reliable and individual Property Agent in Pattaya for you

PATTAYA FOREIGNER SERVICE is a medium sized property firm - with our young team working for you. Our innovative team is hand chosen - experienced from Switzerland, Germany and Thailand. It is our intention and our promise to impress and convince our clients with our hard work, with our know-how about the Pattaya Property Market and of course with the best possible legal knowledge about the current Thai Laws regarding the local Real Estate Business. Our long time (8 years) experience within the Pattaya Property Market, together with our sophisticated knowledge about most matters of the Thai Law regarding the Real Estate Business in Thailand - this protects our valued clients against losses and frauds safely. Thank you for visiting this Real Estate Data Base - with our property search function above. Of course everybody will be able to find his personal dream property within our more than 900 property listings in all price ranges. As soon as you found your matching property in our data base - please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and experienced sales teams.

We always take care for our Clients and their Homes -- Whenever you need our help

PATTAYA FOREIGNER SERVICE always take care for all different questions and problems of our clients. This means that PATTAYA FOREIGNER SERVICE is not only your always reliable and trustworthy partner for all Real Estate matters - but for really all your inconvenient different daily problems too. For your Rentals - Constructions - Work Permits - Company Registrations - One Year Visa - Insurance - Computer Service and Fast Internet.

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