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Live in Pattaya,that's the tatty little shop at the corner where the empty gas bottle of your gas cooker can be replacced with a full one,that's the grocer's for drinking water passing your house under sounding his horn to draw your attention to his refreshment,that's the laundry in the neighbourhood which is lovingly looking after your bed linen,socks,shirts,towels,underwear, that's the barber in front of his nearly clouded mirror or the small seamstress behind her open air sewing machine just repairing your broken zipper of your Bermuda shorts, that's the ticket seller as the final judgement of the Great Luck on the steps to a Family Mart which for his part is assuaging the little desires for Cola,pretzel sticks and canned coffee over 24 hours the day, not to forget the many , many woman stall holders on the countless little markets behind their pig halfs, poultry,fishes and crustaceans,fruits and vegetables while a hot food stall tray beside is tickling your taste-buds with culinary delicacies.

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It's the grandiose jeweller's shop on whose sacred marble temple steps the careworn beggar from the Isan is holding out her baby for a tip ,clothed in filthy rags,to the rushing pasts,presenting for one Satang her ?wai? status conscious with folded hands in front of her brow.



There are the five stars hotels of the worldwide acting hotel business chains just as the glitter world of the Shopping Malls with which you could make good figures on towns like Milan,Paris,New York,London or Amsterdam,with their boutiques of the global romping Designer Gurus of the Haute Couture ? The World at home in a Thai fishing village !

Directly next to it,on bumpy while be gambled on subsoil,the traditional Thai market to get a sniff of its noisy busy aura. - How long it'll still go on ?

The cosmos of cheap gear,the paradise of bargain hunting,the eldorado of junk .

Lived sensuousness free of charge !

The entire range of shown details,taken a look at every detail itself, don't depict nothing special.They are existing widespread oddly over the big wide world. The particular of Pattaya is that this sort of things have no business being here,they overtook Pattaya like the Flood !

Pattaya is no vacation town like San Remo or Nice because a lot of peoples come but not all leave again.

Pob gan mai,Pattaya
Laa gon
Tschoog dii



The wide field of possible sporting activities and facilities is nearly boundless.

Without exception all sorts of water sports are represented,into the bargain the usual posh exercises of Tennis and Golf.
Within the city zone there are two GoCart race tracks,15 km out of town to the east a motor racing circuit is luring his freaks to the outskirts.Horse trekking farmsteads are inviting to horse hiking,lasting several days stage-by-stage.
Whether Badminton or Table Tennis ? we are in Asia - ,whether Paintball,Bodybuilding or one of the huge numbers of martial arts like the local Thai boxing, everybody may be involved to his own taste.

Medical Supply

A short remark about the medical supply in Pattaya should not be missed in a briefing about living in this town.
The Bangkok Hospital Pattaya ranks as one of the best clinics in the world.
That's for the technical appliances as well as for the medical and manual skills of the staff.Naturally you'll be treated in your native language.
The level of dental clinics and cosmetic surgery attains international top-class rankings belonging to the mostly demanded tourism attractions of Pattaya.
The same is for the general medicine as well as for the pharmaceutical treatment.


Apart from ordinary roads and highways Pattaya is located at the Rail Link Bangkok-Trat.The railway station is situated to the east of Sukhumvit Road near junction of Pattaya Klang Road at the end of Soi Thepsurin.
In addition 3 bus stations connect Pattaya with Bangkok and the ISAN.
Inside the city you go by socalled Bahtbusses or motorbike Taxis.


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